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Good-Guy vs. Bad-Guy

    It was another day in the life of our hero, Good-Guy. The Car-Mobile was still that yellowish-purple color. His sidekick, SideKick, was still complaining about needing a bigger Hideout. As well as their pet dog, Dog, still begging for food.

    Suddenly, the Alarm-O-Matic started its unprofaned wailing. Good-Guy jumped into the Car-Mobile; SideKick jumped in beside him. They shrieked out of the hide out like a long wailing cry, leaving Dog sitting and begging. They raced down the tunnel and out onto a small rural road.

    When they reached the bank, they saw the evildoers pulling out in a blue 65' Cadillac. Our Heroes immediately took off in hot pursuit. The Police followed closely behind. The crooks turned onto a side road. Before our Heroes could follow the criminals had rounded another corner and were out of sight. Our Heroes decides to turn around and head back.

    Back at Headquarters our heroes decided to put the system on emergency alert. If anything even having to do with robbery showed up on the Detector-O-Matic it would immediately start the engines for the Helicopter-Mobile and The Motorcycle-Mobile, charge the Ray-Gun. For Two-Days they waited until suddenly just a little after Two in the afternoon the Alarm-O-Matic started spewing its noise. Sidekick jumped in the Helicopter-Mobile and Good-Guy Jumped on the Motorcycle-Mobile.

    They raced to the scene. Good-Guy snuck into the Bank. The Robbers had hostages. Not only were they hostages they were the Mayor and his daughter. Good-Guy had a problem. He looked into his Pack-O-Matic he carried on his back. He saw a rope, a crow bar, and a bulletproof vest he quickly put on the vest under his super-suit and grabbed the crowbar and left the pack on the floor. He was sneaking up to pop the bad guy on the head when someone grabbed him and gagged him with a roll of money.

    Then that person conked him on the head with his crow bar.

    He woke up tied to a chair with his mouth tied. He looked around and saw some people wearing masks watching him. They sat there watching him. Then they sat there watching him some more. Finally one of them spoke, "Not so gud now are ya Gud-Guy. Whose gonna save yew now. We got a deel for ya yew sit ere and we rake you with anti-aircraft ammunition. Or we let yew go and rake the city with high explosive. Will give ya a day er so ta dicide and the will have a liddle chat. Oh an if ya leave with out us will nuke the city any ways"

    They left leaving Good-Guy to make up his mind. Good-Guy tried manuvering around to get a look at the rest of the room. While he was so doing he tipped over hitting his head on the cold cement. He looked up to see Sidekick staring down at him from a cable 25 feet from were he lay. He lowered himself down until he reached the floor. Then He released Good-Guy's gag and untied him. After that they both went up the cable and crawled across the roof. They jumped from that roof to a slightly lower roof adjoining it. Then they jumped down on top of a garbage bin and off into the street.

    They watched the entrance to the building for a day. When nothing happened. Good-Guy created a plan. He returned to the building and sat in the chair with the gag in his mouth. Then Sidekick tied him back up. Then Sidekick sat in a corner behind some empty barrels and waited. A few hours later the door slid open and three of the gangsters walked in. One walked up to Good-Guy and said, "so wuts ya choice. city er yew." Good-Guy responded when his gag was removed by choosing the logical choice, "Take the city it didn't do me any good."

    The Culprit looked up at this and said, "Why don't I pick both."

At this a semi pulled up with an anti-aircraft gun on its bed. It turned so the barrel was aimed precisely at Good-Guys chest. The Ringleader, the one doing the talking, stepped up on to the back of the truck. "Any last words before I Dazzle you, the city, and your little dog too."

    Sidekick responded by pulling out a Ray-Gun-O-Matic complete with settings from "microwave for thirty second and enjoy" to "Ain't nuttier left and even if there was I think I go on a diet." He aim it straight at the ringleader with it set on, "stun until Brown," and fired. As that happened Good-Guy pulled on the slipknot releasing his bonds and punched one of the underworld leaders, square in the nose with his fist. Another mobster punched him in the gut with a solid jab. Sidekick aimed it at another bad guy. Missed hit the anti-aircraft gun. It exploded producing a fireball that engulfed it the semi. One of the racketeers pulled out a revolver and shot at Sidekick missed and hit one of his fellow gunmen. Good-Guy socked the guy in the nose and just for safety give him a swift kick in the butt.

    Now that all the felons were either, knocked out, toasted, or shot. The police force decided to show up. At this point our heroes decided to make a get away. They ran out the back door and walked down a side alley to pick up the Car-Mobile that Sidekick had hidden. As they drove home Good-Guy says to Sidekick, "I could do for a weeks vacation."

    P.S. Good Guys always win

Copyright 2005