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First of all what is Yet?
No, it is not a unit of currency. Nor is it a organ in the body.
Yet is an attitude of hope looking at the dreary world around but seeing something better. It says I donít have but that is okay for I still have hope and if all works out in the end I will have. This is a world of keeping up with the Jonesí. The world says if you donít have then you are far inferior to those who do have. Consider the difference between these two thoughts.
ďI donít have one.Ē
ďI donít have one yetĒ
It is the difference between sulking in a corner and looking forward to the day when life will be better. It is bringing the spirit of optimism to a depressing situation. Another way yet expresses itself is in the phrase, ďI donít have one, yet Iím still happy. ď In this way you can tell the Jonesí that you donít care what they have because you have something better.
Yet is finding the silver lining in every cloud.

So the next time the Jonesí tell you what they have you can share at least One Yet with them.

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